I'll paint a portrait of your favorite pet, maybe even your favorite human friend.  All you have to do is send me a photo.

If you'd like to inquire about having a portrait done, please use the "Contact Me" button and leave your email and/or phone number. 



Oil on canvas 24x18

Painted for my private collection, 1998



Oil on canvas 24 x 18

Painted for Jackie, Dec. 2007




Oil on canvas 20x16

Painted for Terri and Richard, Dec. 2005



Oil on canvas 16x20

Painted for Ernie, Sept. 2006



Oil on canvas 20x16

Painted for Lori @ Doggon Wheels  (as a surprise gift to someone special)  May 2005




                                                  Oil on canvas 16x20

                         Painted for Cheryl and Brian, March 2005. 

"I received this portrait of Shamu in the mail and was planning to wrap it up for my boyfriend since he adores his dog “Moo-Moo” ....Well when I opened it up I got tears in my eyes because Joan caught the exact moment I wanted of Shamu tilting her head...I was touched so deeply knowing that Brian was going to be touched the same way and will now have this painting for him to remember her forever.

I was never so excited to give  gift as I was with this one....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU LOVE AN ANIMAL AND WANT A FOREVER MEMORY THIS IS THE PLACE!!!"   ~Cheryl




                                Oil on canvas 20x16

Painted for Lori at Doggon' Wheels, Dec., 2004.  They build awesome wheelchairs for dogs.  Check it out.  www.doggon.com

"Words cannot describe how wonderful Joan's work is. She captured Ben's warmth and likeness exactly as in the photo we'd sent of him. We would highly recommend her to anyone, the portrait is something that all of us will treasure forever. Everyone who has seen it has been amazed at how beautiful the painting is. "
Chad and Lori


Here's a few other paintings I've done, my favorite dogs and flowers...Click on an image to enlarge.  Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page. 


  ~Columbine~                                              ~Gabriel~



 ~Lily and Rose~         ~Flying Dog~              ~Gloriosa~ 



My photographer and friend Brenda Evans has her website up and running!  She does these wonderful hand-painted photos, you'll have to go see.  Aren't these cool!! www.evansphotostudio.com


Go see Debi's art, she's got a total groove going.  www.artblooms.net